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April 16, 2021 - 3:20 PM

Welcome to our first blog post! 


In this blog I’ll be sharing with you all about life in the Catskill Mountains. The fun things. The beautiful things.  The things that bring people up for weekends and longer. The things that are the makings of a decision to buy a weekend home up here or even to live up here full time!


The things that brought us here 20 plus years ago. The type of wonderful experiences and feelings that can only happen in the country.


You probably already know what I’m talking about… clean air that doesn’t leave a taste in your mouth, drinking water that doesn’t smell like chlorine, mountain views seen through a clear sky, quiet (as in no sirens or trucks), a night sky full of stars, and an overall feeling of belonging, a feeling of being part of the world we live in.

That’s what life in the Catskills is like pretty much all the time.  You can drive just a few hours from home and re-learn how to really relax. How to really live.


And you’ll find another thing that’s true, life is a bit slower here. Sometimes because of all the stress that’s gone missing. Sometimes, well, sometimes life here literally forces you to slow down and smell the...


…you get what I mean, right?


For now, peruse our new website, let us know all the typos you’ve found for a chance to win stuff!


Let us know if you have any questions about anything and let us know what you want to learn more about!


Tell us about your Catskill experience!  And send us a picture or video.  We love to hear about your experiences!


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Life in the Catskills