These are some things you should be aware of but please read your rental agreement for more details!


Rates are subject to change.  Please be sure to check with us. Holiday rates will likely be higher and typically include the third night on a weekend.

(Every weekend should be a holiday weekend, but unfortunately it's not up to us.)


We request a security/damage deposit with each rental.  It'll get charged to your credit card about week before your arrival.  Most times It is the same amount as the rental.

(Don't worry, you'll get it right back and we know you'll be careful.)


 2% lodging tax will be added to your rental amount.

(The government wants their share and they get real testy if they don't get it!)


Well behaved pets (usually dogs only) are welcome at s ome of our houses with an additional deposit. Please treat the home and property with respect. Please do not allow your pets on the furniture, and don’t leave us any "gifts" to dispose of.   Remember that dogs left in a strange place for long periods of time can get anxious and into mischief!  Please remember that you are responsible for any damage your dog wreaks because he thinks you aren't coming back for him.

(Some dogs may be asked to run around and play with our dog but it's not a requirement for rental.)


Rates are subject to change and may vary by season and peak times.

(It's not that we're fickle. Things just change sometimes.)


When you're ready to rent, we'll email you a rental agreement with all the important information.

(It's a quick read. The plot is thin but the characters are very interesting.)


Generally speaking, a weekend begins Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon but we’ll gladly book you for any two consecutive nights.  Holiday weekends typically begin Friday afternoon and end on Monday afternoon.

(If it were up to us, weekends would begin on Wednesday!)


A weekly rental is any seven consecutive except from Saturday to Saturday.

(The per-night rate is discounted if you stay ofr a week!


A monthly rental is four weeks (28 nighs).  Ask us for the rate.


All of our properties have a separate cleaning fee that should be left in cash at the house at the end of your stay.

(Housekeepers are independent contractors - and are very nice people.)


If you cancel your reservation up to thirty days before your arrival date you'll get your rental payment back less a processing fee of 5 % of the rental payment.  If you cancel inside of the thirty days, we'll do our very best to re-rent the dates.  If we can't, you would be responsible for the cost of the rental.


(We want everyone to be happy, and you’ll likely be happier if don’t cancel, and get to breathe some pure Catskill Mountains air!)


There are some things out of your control - like other people in your group messing up, or airlines or car rental companies messing up, or your boss tells you that you have to work that weekend. If any of these things happen, you will probably want to use as much foul language as you can think of! Go on and curse - it'll make you feel better for a second. But we recommend you secure travel insurance if you think your boss is greedy or your traveling companions might be unreliable.


(In the end you’ll miss a great weekend in the Catskills but you'll be reimbursed by the insurance company.... and, unfortunately, your boss will still be an idiot!)


Life is different here in the country. There are critters, roads that go on for miles without signage, spotty cell service, and stores that close early. Be sure to read the Life In the Country section of the rental agreement for a heads-up. And if you have questions, let us know.

(The mountains are so pretty! But they do block cell coverage sometimes. It’s not always such a bad thing!)


What, you got to the house and the TV doesn’t work? Let us know right away about these types of problems and anything else that you think deserves our attention. We’re here to help!

(We try our best to make sure everything for your visit is as close to perfect as possible. Perfection is a tough goal to reach, but we keep trying!)


Be careful, be responsible, have fun!  Use caution around the things you’d normally want to be cautious of. Especially things like water (ponds, hot tubs, etc.) and fire (fireplaces, fire pits, wood stoves).

(Relaxing and having fun can be a big responsibility!)


Seriously, if you have any questions, need help with anything, want recommendations for places to go, restaurants, etc, just let us know. We’ll do our very best to make sure you have a great visit.


Disclaimer: We are not responsible for typos, human error, or glitches on the website as it appears on any device.


Information is considered accurate but is not guaranteed. Much information is provided by the home owner, some things (like furniture) may change, some items (like appliances) may be replaced.

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