Property Owners

Haven’t you felt that your vacation property was great but it could be really great if it could pay its own way? I think we’ve all felt that way. Certainly we’ve felt that way about our kids or the dog. Your kids may forget to call on your birthday. Your dog may not bring the stick back to you. But your house can actually contribute something toward its expenses!


We represent home owners who enjoy the opportunity to create extra income by renting out their homes when not in use. Many owners find that for one reason or another, there are periods of time when their houses are not being used, sometimes for weeks in a row or even for an entire season.  If you own a home in the western Catskill mountains and are not at your property all the time, you can easily rent out your home for the times you’re not there... and we make the process very easy for you. The only work you have to do is cash your check. Heck, stay on the couch. If you’d prefer, we’ll deposit the money directly into your account.  It’s a great way to enjoy your second home without worrying about the extra expense!


Here’s what we do for you!


We’ll advertise and promote your house on the internet.

We’ll set you up on the major vacation rental web sites and all the lesser sites. We do our best to get your property as much exposure as possible. We’ll also put your house on our web site. Then we’ll promote your property locally through flyers and, since we live in the area, by word of mouth.


We communicate with potential renters.

We accept the calls, the emails and the faxes. We represent your property like it was ours. And remember, it’s our contact information on all the advertisements, not yours. You will never get a late night call from a renter!


We handle all the paperwork.

We handle all the behind-the-scenes stuff that would keep you away from your family, your friends, and your work; like the numerous initial email and telephone inquiries. We speak with all the potential renters who might never call back and we follow through with all who choose to rent. We do all the scheduling and make sure no one is scheduled to rent when you want to use your home.


Then we expedite all the paperwork that is necessary to insure a confirmed reservation and payment (including security deposit). We’ll make sure renters get a detailed lease that spells out their responsibilities to you and your home.


We make sure you get your check.

You’ll get your check whenever you want it. Or we can arrange direct deposit into an account of your choosing.

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