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Rates are subject to change. Please be sure to check with us. Holiday rates will likely be higher and typically include the third night.
(Every weekend should be a holiday weekend, but unfortunately it's not up to us)

We request a security/damage deposit with each rental.
(Don't worry, you'll get it right back and we know you'll be careful.)

Applicable sales tax (for stays under seven days) and lodging tax (if the property is in Ulster County) will be added.
(The government wants their share and they get real testy if they don't get it!)

Well behaved pets are frequently welcome with additional deposit.
(Some dogs may be asked to run around and play with our dog but it's not a requirement for rental.)

Prices are subject to change and may vary by season and peak times.
(It's not that we're fickle. Things just change sometimes.)

When you're ready to rent, we'll email you a rental agreement with all the important information.
(It's a quick read. The plot is thin but the characters are very interesting.)

Generally speaking, a weekend begins Friday afternoon and ends on Sunday afternoon and holiday weekends begin Friday afternoon and end on Monday afternoon.
(If it were up to us, weekends would begin on Wednesday!)

All of our properties have a separate cleaning fee that should be left in cash at the house at the end of your stay. Housekeepers are independent contractors (and are very nice people).

If you cancel your reservation up to thirty days before your arrival date you'll get your rental payment back less 5 % (of the rental payment) processing fee. If you cancel inside of the thirty days, we'll do our very best to rerent the dates. Then everyone will be happy.

There are some things out of your control - like other people in your group messing up, or airlines or car rental companies messing up, or your boss tells you that you have to work that weekend. If any of these things happen, you will probably want to use as much foul language as you can think of! Go on and curse - it'll make you feel better for a second. But we recommend you secure travel insurance if you think your boss is greedy or your traveling companions might be unreliable.
(In the end you'l be reimbursed by the insurance company, and you'll miss a great weekend in the Catskills... and, unfortunately, your boss will still be an idiot!)

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