Pizza and Gelato at Lazy Crazy Acres. A MUST DO country event!

We just had the most wonderful evening at Lazy Crazy Acres. This was such an amazing thing – the kind of thing that makes you think it could only happen in the country.  What we came to realize is that it is a must thing to do!

Let’s start with getting to the place. You will pass through the Drybook Valley. Miles of open land, the occasional log cabin, mountains in the distance, open sky, and you can’t help but notice that it’s still farm country out here. You’ll make a left at the white church that looks like it could be, or should be, or maybe it has been in a movie.  There is more and more incredible charm and beauty at every turn.

You turn into Lazy Crazy Acres parking lot and are drawn to the pavilion on the family farm. The family farm that’s been in the family for like four  generations. And you feel that  feeling of ease and comfort as soon as  you walk onto the property… like you’re an old family friend.  It’s the  feeling  you imagine life to really be in the country. Where you don’t just know your neighbors, you invite them to supper and they bring home made wine and blueberry pie for dessert ; you visit them with your famous vegetable soup when their ailing; you share stories with each other when you pass them on the road. It’s a feeling city folk strive for and when they find it up here they move here.

So today you walk onto the farm and you get that country folk feeling.  You feel like you belong there… like you’ve always belonged there, even though this is, in reality, the very first time you’ve been there. Everyone there seems to know that  you’ve never, in actuality, ever been there before.  But you know what… it doesn’t really matter. You’re an instant old friend of the family. I don’t know exactly what is about Jake and Karen, but they make everyone feel  at home.

You sit down at one of the picnic tables. You sit with strangers but they are also old friends of the family also and they quickly become your new old friends. The front of the pizza oven is open exposing the bright red embers in the back and the smell of something familiar and heartwarming wafts through the air as you look around and soak in the entire experience.

To add to the charm of everything (like the idea of eating fresh pizza outside on a real working farm isn’t just reeking with charm in and of itself) the big old family dog is roaming around.  You’ll go up to him to say hi because you’re a dog lover and, well, he’s a dog. But he’ll ignore you.  You’ll think he’s dissing you for the food you will likely drop on the floor but he’s actually friendly.  It’s just that he is quite old and may simply not see or hear you. You’ll realize this soon enough and instantly forgive him because, well, you’re a dog lover.  Then there’s the barn cat who is, in reality, very friendly. He’s also scavenging for dropped morsels, but he’s happy to make some time for  humans with a yen for scratching behind one’s ears.

Now that your settled in and feel at home let’s talk about food.  Brick oven pizza made with farm fresh ingredients cooked  in that new outdoor brick oven that, by the way, they built themselves!.  The combinations of ingredients are fantastic and the flavor combinations are surprising and utterly delicious. You realize right about now that the heartwarming aroma you couldn’t identify is a combination of warm pizza, fresh tomatoes, fresh herbs, fresh mozzarella, bacon, garlic, and… sorry, that’s all I remember.  There were so many ingredients, so many aromas, so many sense memories triggered, so many new memories forming.

The gelato for dessert is as jaw-dropping delicious as the pizza.  Don’t actually drop your jaw, though. You won’t want any tiny bit to fall out of your mouth. Trust  me on that one.  And it’s all made from milk from their cows. This gelato is udderly delicious!

Let’s see, how can we top off this perfect country evening?  Oh, I don’t know… how about a hay ride???!!!!!  Is it a little corny? Maybe.   Is it cliché? Possibly.   But… is it perfect? Absolutely!

I leave you with a friendly neighborly reminder: plan a Saturday evening and go to Lazy Crazy Acres.  For more information about Pizza and Gelato Saturdays and to learn more about their farm visit their website, see them on facebook, email with questions.  Then say hi to us when you get there. We’ve fallen in love with the Fairbairn family, their pets, their cows, and their farm and we’re going to try our very damndest to get there as many Saturday evenings as we can!

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